Sailfin Grouper (Bacalao Grouper)

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Bacalao Grouper © Jack Stein Grove

    Bacalao Grouper © Jack Stein Grove

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Bacalao grouper by a reef © CDF

    Bacalao grouper by a reef © CDF

Species Data

Common Name Sailfin grouper/ Bacalao grouper
Scientific Name Mycteroperca olfax
Spanish Name Garropa parda
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Vulnerable © Dan Wright




Size Up to 1.2 m
Average Lifespan Up to 40 years
Predators Sharks and larger groupers
Food Piscivore (small fish and invertebrates)
Animal Class Fish

Species Overview

The sailfin grouper (also known as the bacalao grouper) is generally found by rock walls or in underwater caves around the Galapagos Islands, however the juveniles can be found swimming in shallow lagoons, reefs and ponds. They feed on a wide variety of food and suck prey into their mouths, swallowing it whole. Grouper populations have declined significantly in recent years due to over-fishing.

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