Lava Cactus

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Lava cactus © Martin Whitaker

    Lava cactus © Martin Whitaker

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Lava cactus by © Roger Bates

    Lava cactus by © Roger Bates

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Lava cactus © David Gifford

    Lava cactus © David Gifford

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Lava cactus © Claire Cockcroft

    Lava cactus © Claire Cockcroft

Species Data

Common Name Lava cactus
Scientific Name Brachycereus nesioticus
Spanish Name Cactus de lava
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Least Concern © Dan Wright

Least Concern



Size 40-60 cm tall
Plant Class Angiosperm
Habitat Zone Barren lava fields at sea level
Seed Dispersal Method Unknown
Uses This species is not used by humans

Species Overview


Lava cacti are endemic to the Galapagos and are the smallest of the cacti species that can be found on the Islands. Lava cactus flowers are a creamy white colour. They are a pioneer species, being one of the first species to colonise an area after a lava flow.

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