Tomato (Galapagos)

Galapagos Wildlife: Galapagos Tomato © GCT

Galapagos tomato © Galapagos Conservation Trust

Species Data

Common Name Galapagos tomato
Scientific Name Solanum cheesmaniae
Spanish Name Tomate de Galápagos
Conservation Status






Size Up to 2 m
Plant Class Angiosperm
Habitat Zone Coastal lava flows close to the sea, or on slopes of up to 1,300m above sea level
Seed Dispersal Method Animal
Uses Food

Species Overview

One of two endemic tomato species in Galapagos, this plant produces bright orange-yellow fruits (tomatoes) all year round. It is thought to self-pollinate but Galapagos bees may also act as pollinators. The Galapagos tomato plant has a high salt tolerance and as such is able to thrive on coastal lava flows. It occurs on several of the major islands as well as some of the smaller islets.

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