Miconia (Galapagos)

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Miconia © GCT

    Miconia © GCT

  • Galapagos Wildlife: Miconia © GCT

    Miconia © GCT

Species Data

Common Name Galapagos miconia
Scientific Name Miconia robinsoniana
Spanish Name Cacaotillo
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Unknown © Dan Wright




Size 2-5m
Plant Class Angiosperm
Habitat Zone Grows on slopes at altitudes of 500-700 m
Seed Dispersal Method Unknown
Uses none

Species Overview

Miconia is a shiny leaved shrub that grows up to 5 metres high. It is the most dominant native plant species in the wet highlands above the Scalesia zone but is currently under threat from introduced herbivores and other plant species such as quinine and guava. In the dry season, miconia’s long and slender leaves turn a reddish brown.


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