• Galapagos People: Humans © GCT

    Humans © GCT

  • Galapagos People: William Beebe

    William Beebe

Species Data

Common Name Human
Scientific Name Homo sapiens
Spanish Name Los Humanos
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Least Concern © Dan Wright

Least Concern 

Size 60-260 cm height
Average Lifespan 50-85 years
Predators none
Food Omnivore
Animal Class mammal

Species Overview

Humans first came to Galapagos in the 1400’s are thought to be the Incas and then in the 1500’s whalers and pirates. Since then there has been both a positive and negative influence on its environment and culture. Humans have been accountable for many invasive species in the Galapagos Islands, such as goats and the hill raspberry, as well as endangering species, such as the giant tortoise. However humans have also had positive impacts, for example Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

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