Mangrove Finch

Galapagos Wildlife: A mangrove finch © Michael Dvorak

Species Data

Common Name Mangrove finch
Scientific Name Camarynchus heliobates
Spanish Name Pinzón de manglar
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Critically Endangered © Dan Wright

Critically Endangered



Size 10 - 20cm in length
Average Lifespan Up to 20 years
Predators Cats, rates and Philornis downsi larvae.
Food Insects and lava lizards
Animal Class Bird

Species Overview

The mangrove finch is one of Darwin’s finches; a group of 13 birds endemic to Galapagos that helped Charles Darwin formulate his theory of natural selection. The plumage is a dull brown moving into olive on the back, with males having a blackish head and neck in maturity. All of Darwin’s finches are recognised by the differing beak shapes and sizes, which allow them to occupy different ecological niches. They each have slightly different diets so not competing for food. Their beaks are long and pointed, with a down curve along the upper beak allowing, them to pick bark off mangroves to reach insects. With less than 100 adult birds left they are some of the rarest birds worldwide. Their habitat range is less than 45 football pitches.

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