Discovering Galapagos at London Zoo
1/4: Introduction to the ZSL Resources

The Zoological Society London (ZSL) and the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) have teamed up to design teaching resources to enable you and your upper KS2 or KS3 class to discover more about the incredible Galapagos Islands and the unique wildlife that lives there.

The resources have been developed to be used in conjunction with a school visit to ZSL London Zoo and include both on-site and classroom specific materials.

For a summary of the activities, check out our Teacher’s Activity Planner.

Curriculum links for this project range from upper KS2 to KS3. You can find the curriculum links for KS2 and the curriculum links for KS3 by following these links:

Galapagos Graphics: Feedback Graphic ©GCT

About the teacher’s resource pack (from the GCT and ZSL)

The on-site teachers pack will be available to all schools visiting the zoo, however, numbers are limited so to ensure you receive your copy, please contact and we will post one to you ahead of your visit. The resource pack includes:

  1. Teachers Activity Planner
  2. 3x fact sheets: The Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Giant Tortoises, and About the Project
  3. An exclusive double-sided A2 poster
  4. Stickers
  5. Feedback slip

Included in this pack are upper KS2 and KS3 specific worksheets which support a visit to ZSL London Zoo, enabling you and your students to learn more about Galapagos giant tortoises and how ZSL and GCT are working together to ensure their future. Easy to print PDF versions of the worksheets can be found here:

The remaining classroom activities are designed to be undertaken at school, either before or after a visit to ZSL London Zoo. From this page you can find a full breakdown of curriculum links and the suggested resources to support the lessons.

We hope you enjoy using our teacher’s resource pack with your students and discovering the amazing Galapagos Islands and its unique wildlife. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are visiting these pages after visiting ZSL London Zoo, please help us improve our resources by completing our feedback form.

Links to the lesson plans


Galapagos Wildlife: Galapagos giant tortoise © Vanessa Green Galapagos giant tortoises

TeacherZone_KS3Sci TeacherZone_KS3Geo



Galapagos People: Dr. Steve Blake tracking a Galapagos giant tortoise © Christian ZieglerScience in the field




Galapagos Places: Biologists on a hill © Christian ZieglerTortoise tracking

KS3 Literacy TeacherZone_KS3Sci



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