Ecology and Habitats
5/5: Ecology and Habitats Quiz

Ecology & Habitats Quiz

    Hint: Think about the habitat zones of the Galapagos and how they differ in environmental conditions
    Hint: Think about how species from two neighbouring habitat zones will interact
    Hint: Think about what happens between tropic levels in a food chain
    Hint: Think about the difference between the total mass of all producers (such as trees) and all apex predators (such as hawks) within an ecosystem
    Hint: Biodiversity is the measure of the difference between the living organisms within an ecosystem
    Hint: Think about what would happen if the Galapagos giant tortoise was to disappear from the Islands
    Hint: The Galapagos giant tortoise is a keystone species
    Hint: Invasive species in Galapagos include the hill raspberry, rats, goats and fire ants