Flying Fish

Galapagos Wildlife: Flying Fish © David J Ringer

Flying Fish © David J Ringer

Species Data

Common Name Mirrowing flying fish
Scientific Name Hirundichthys speculiger
Spanish Name Peces voladores
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Unknown © Dan Wright




Size 24- 30 cm
Average Lifespan Unknown
Predators Dolphins, porpoises, birds, tuna and squid
Food Mainly plankton
Animal Class Fish

Species Overview


Flying fish get their name from their ability to leap out of the water and glide over the surface using their long, wing-like fins. They do this to evade being caught by predators. Average flights last up to 50 metres however they can be much longer. Mirrorwing flying fish are found around the world in topical or warm sub-tropical waters including around Galapagos.

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