Razor Surgeonfish

Galapagos Wildlife: Razor Surgeonfish © Alice Bartlett

Razor Surgeonfish © Alice Bartlett

Species Data

Common Name Razor surgeonfish
Scientific Name Prionurus laticlavius
Spanish Name Cirujano barbero
Conservation Status

Galapagos Graphics: IUCN Red List Least Concern © Dan Wright

Least Concern



Size 50-60 cm length
Average Lifespan Unknown
Predators Galapagos shark
Food Herbivore (Algae attached to corals or rocks)
Animal Class Fish

Species Overview

The razor surgeonfish is found in the Eastern Pacific, mainly from Costa Rica to Ecuador including around the Galapagos. They form large schools to feed on algae attached to coral or rocks in the shallow waters around reefs. Although classified as least concern, this species could be at risk from habitat loss and degradation of the coral reefs they inhabit.

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