Dove (Galapagos)

Galapagos Wildlife: Galapagos Dove © Luis Ortiz Catedral

Galapagos Dove © Luis Ortiz Catedral

Species Data

Common Name Galapagos dove
Scientific Name Zenaida galapagoensis
Spanish Name Tórtola de Galapagos
Conservation Status


Least concern



Size 18-23cm length
Average Lifespan Unknown
Predators Feral cats and other introduced predators
Food Omnivore (cactus flowers, caterpillars, seeds, fruits, fly larvae)
Animal Class Bird

Species Overview

Galapagos doves are most common in the dry lowland areas of the Islands. They have brown wings streaked with white and black, and a pinkish neck and breast. Females nest on the ground in shaded areas or in prickly pear cacti, occasionally using old mockingbird nests.

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